Cultivating Our Inmost Potential, Individually & Collectively

It's a family Project

Welcome to Soulful Intelligence, a family project by a mother-father-son team, Ayelet, Gil & Duke.


It is about a restorative process, creating heart-mind alignment and soul-body integration, to help shift from the old world of separated and fragmented systems, into a new world of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual unity and wholeness.


Our mission is to inspire, nourish, and support individuals, couples, and families, to cultivate our deepest potential and learn how to embody our true, intrinsic nature, in order to shift from the old, survival centered and fear-based, paradigm, to a new, heart-centered and divine love based paradigm of life.


Our Vision is to Co-Create a Benevolent Culture in which each and every member is seen, heard, respected, and valued, equally with no exception.


We envision all of us living Together Forever inLove™, as a human family that is intelligent, caring, and functional.


A little about us:


We are an unconventional family. The old conventional ways in which we grew up, did not work for us, so we embarked on an adventure of exploration and discovery.


This project is based on what we have been learning, applying, and living as a family, for many years.


What we share is a synthesis of...


  • extensive education and training;


  • years of studying, practicing, creating, and teaching different holistic arts, restorative modalities, and spiritual methods;


  • countless hours of explorative processes for integration and restoration of the different components of our being;


  • mixed with practical applications that are working in our own relationship, parenting, and daily lives;


  • and the wisdom we have been gathering over three decades of intense challenges, bold choices, and personal transformations, individually and as a family.


Our journey has been long and remarkable. Along with the joys and life celebrations, we went through trial and errors, detours, confusion, and sacrifice.


We have learned valuable lessons, gained great clarity, and cumulated experiential wisdom about the human condition, which allows us to offer guidance, information, and practical tools, to help make it easier and simpler for others on their journey.


Through the years, we started to intentionally develop a benevolent culture within our own household, and we live by it as a family unit.


Some main components of this culture are:


  • Soul First: It is anchored in recognizing, acknowledging, and respecting each of us as a Soul, first.


  • Soulful Nourishment: It encourages and nourishes each of us to flourish and thrive in alignment with our soul aspirations.


  • Each of us matters equally: It's based on genuine care and support for the needs and wants of each individual.


  • Heart-Centered: It is centered in our heart expressions such as empathy, compassion, understanding, honesty, forgiveness, and gratitude.


  • Benevolent Communication: It is supported by open, transparent communication, encouraging our authentic voices to come forth.


  • Freedom: It follows a code we live by in which: No Will is imposed upon another.


This way of living allows us to build trust, live more harmoniously, and progressively become more of the change we wish to experience in the world.


It is our heart's desire to share this way of living with as many members of our human family who are open and willing.


We wish to connect, work, and collaborate with individuals and groups who understand the importance of redefining, rewiring, and reforming ourselves;


who are interested in exploring, and practicing new ways of living, that will allow us to co-create an aware, safe, free world and leave a remarkable legacy to our future generations.


We invite you to explore our work



While the nature of our work has been consistent for decades, what we offer will be changing as we move along.  Our life's work is an open system that is constantly evolving, expanding, and shifting in accordance with our inner guidance and natural flow.

Complimentary Monthly Meditations

Note: December 15, 2020, is the last date for this complimentary meditation.
Starting on January 1, 2020, we will have a new complimentary event offered.
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The Soulful Human Meditation



The Soulful Human Meditations include vital information, heart-centered meditation, and soulful transmissions of core frequencies, designed to empower the individual's direct connection to the Original Source.


As well as Cultivating an energetic synergy to create a coherent community, and increasingly support ourselves and each other in these intense, transformative times.

Date: December 15th, 2020 will be the last date for this meditation.

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 12:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)

  • 1:00 PM Mountain Time (MT)
  • 2:00 PM Central Time (CT)
  • 3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
  • 8:00 PM London, UK
  • 9:00 PM Paris, France / South Africa
  • 10:00 PM Israel
  • 5:00 AM Next Day, QLD, Australia


  • 11:45 am - 12:00 pm - Gathering and Connecting (optional)
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - Stream of information and Guided Meditation
  • 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm - Sharing/Questions/Discussion (optional)

Benevolent Meditation - Note: This meditation is currently paused. To be notified when we restart it please join our list below.


The Benevolent Meditations are designed to send our heart transmissions to segments of our human family for nurturing, healing, and restoration. It has been proven that group meditations create a measurable impact on everyone involved, the receivers as well as the meditators.


We dedicate each meditation to help elevate a group of people that are experiencing high levels of stress, pain, challenges, and/or cataclysmic experiences.

Date: Paused until further notice

Location: Online via Zoom

Time: 12:00 PM Pacific Time (PT)
1:00 PM Mountain Time (MT)
2:00 PM Central Time (CT)
3:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)
8:00 PM London, UK
9:00 PM Paris, France / South Africa
10:00 PM Israel
5:00 AM Next Day, Queensland, Australia


  • 11:45 am - 12:00 pm - Gathering and Connecting (optional)
  • 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm - Benveolent Meditation
  • 12:30 pm - 12:45 pm - Sharing (optional)

Gil's Websites

Core Symphony

This is Gil's artistic, poetic, spiritual website,  in which he streams information, poetry, and messages channeled directly from his own soul.

We launched this website in 2014. It is inspirational in nature and we will keep on adding to it as time goes. To explore it - visit:

***Coming Soon***


The Soulful Human


The Soulful Human is the more practical elements of Gil's work, where he offers services such as one on one, group sessions and workshops; providing information, tools, and experiential practices; supporting individuals in accessing, channeling, and embodying their own benevolent souls; reinforcing their direct connection and communication as conscious co-creators with original source;


This work is specifically for people who give their spiritual development a genuine priority; all leading to a new way of life, which Gil calls: The Way of The Soulful Human.


More information will be available soon at:


Our Community, Cultural, Educational & Relational Website

*** coming Soon ***

Benevolent Culture


Initiated by Ayelet and facilitated by the three of us, this site is designed to be a collaborative movement for benevolent change.


This is our community website in which we all come together to practice and cultivate our intrinsic nature, to understand and expand our awareness about our human design, to anchor in our heart's intelligence, and to develop deeply meaningful, highly intelligent, and wide-open relationships.


This site is for diverse people from all over the world, from all walks of life, who are willing and ready to explore new ways that will allow us to bridge our differences and live with each other with respect, peace, and harmony.


Here we come together to connect with one another, identify what we share in common, develop emotional maturity, weave our differences in a respectful and open manner, and co-create a new culture that will elevate all of us to a new level of life experience.



Benevolent Benefit


Every membership and purchase made through Benevolent Culture contributes to the Benevolent Benefit, where we sponsor initiatives and programs for Social and Emotional Development in the educational system, the justice system, and social systems, for the underprivileged and the disadvantaged. 


***Website Coming Soon***


Unsolicited Feedback

"Thank you for being such beautiful loving beings who are so willing to help our planet and everyone on it. You are exactly who I have needed to connect with. Now my daughter is being blessed by you as well. I love you both and I appreciate who you are so much. I feel so blessed that you have come into my life at exactly the time I need it." Connie P. [Oregon]

"Beloved Gil and Ayelet, this was a very excellent meditation tonight; thank you so very much; I am still within it somewhat.  Thank you so very much for the music you did Gil; [Heart Imagination song], it is wonderfully poetic and thoughtful."

Valerie S. [WA]

"Gil and Ayelet, thank you for being such a blessing in all of our lives... I am really blown away by your beautiful example of soulful living... Thank You so much from all of us, you are so appreciated and loved"

Steve C. [WA]